It’s not what you look at that matters

It’s what you see



In 2014 the ground fell from under me after the sudden death of my 39yo husband. I was 37, and without warning or consent, a single mum to two young children. I had 2 choices. Look down and let what had happened swallow me up… or throw out my old rules, live a life with no regrets and allow myself #2lookup.
I looked up. Not because I thought I would see my husband in the sky. But because when I did I saw compelling beauty in the seemingly ordinary. The tops of trees, clouds, skyscrapers kissing the sky. Every day I make a choice #2lookup. It can be as beautiful as a pink clouded sunset or as simple as just taking a moment #2lookup from my phone and make eye contact with a stranger.
Whatever path you are walking, whether it be one of grief or fear or anger or pain, or even if you are just having “one of those days”, every one of us, no matter where we come from or where we are going, which god we believe in or which side of the political divide we sit on, we all have a choice #2lookup.
In a world that can seem dark, what would happen if we all took a moment. Every day. #2lookup


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